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Welcome to Orang Malu Gaming

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Orang - Malu - Gaming

Welcome to Orang Malu Gaming!

Working hard to get this place up and running - A lot of changes coming up - Name is changed to O-M-G from now on! Less streaming (2/3 times a week now) but more content coming up. Stream settings - pc building -  Camera settings and what software to use for content creation. Monthly giveaways are set up and will be done in the LIVESTREAMS. So make sure to follow on youtube and twitch to be part of it!


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O-M-G Tribe

Orang Malu Gaming

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Find everything you need to know about new or popular games on the streaming channels. On the streaming channels it is an opportunity to hang out with Orang Malu with games or talk in the discord channel while playing games

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Welcome to our team!

Orang Malu: Netherlands

Kjekoski: Discord server Poland

Kxvin: Discord manager UK

Pictures will follow soon and more info about us!

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