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Record Label

Hi! Orang Malu Music is a small independent record label

A work in progress - Growing and aiming for the future - To rise and share

If you want good quality audio/video recordings? You can contact me. The way I set up my business is to help musicians in an affordable way.

Up to 16 simultaneous audio inputs or 4k video recordings with stabilized gimbal recordings

It is all high quality and professional gear so that's not an issue

Audio up to 96Khz

Video 4k resolution GH4 with DJI Gimbal

4k Drone footage

Also press my own merch and can help you with design

If you need help with streaming - I can help you

(check out my stream channels - All the sounds and fx are made by me - Visual art created by me or with help from bought assets)

All the basics that is needed for you as artist

I'm stationary in the Netherlands - But because my services are mobile - I can move in europe

Mobile workstation - Mobile audio desk - and up to 16 recordable inputs at the same time for audio recordings

You want to join my label?

Because I'm a one man show - I have to divide my energy and be strict how to spend it - It is not for everyone

It is to help you out and become independent like me - Only under the flag of Orang Malu Music

I teach you all the struggles i had to face and so you are ready for business - Because it isn't only music

So you're serious about your Music? Hit me up and join the ever learning journey

Prices vary...depending distance - Band or Singer/Song writer

Just contact me...I'm flexible

Orang - Malu


Thanks for reaching out!

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