The league of the underdogs

As some people already know, the league of the underdogs is gonna happen and people can apply here. Register at with your fortnite ingame name.(as shown in the video below) Why fortnite ingame name? So i can invite you to a special account only for the League of the underdogs ( The smallest competition out there ) The invite will follow on special date so no one gets to start ahead. It will take a  month at least before everything is set up. I do this alone and i’m gonna look for sponsors for the prices. Just know a fun league is gonna set up. Depending how many applicants joined, the League will be spread out over a couple of days. How many is yet to be determined and a point system is gonna be set up.
Once you joined the O-M-U community and applied for the league you’re gonna be put on a list which is available on the website so you are confirmed. When you registered and applied, but you’re not on the list, just send me a message and we will fix this!!!

This league/tournament is FUN based. I know people will be having ping advantages etc. But this is not professional. It is gonna be set up as pro as it can be but fun is the keyword here. I’m really gonna do my best to make this a smooth and enjoyable league as possible!


That also means


No swearing or toxic behavior and no racisme

There is already too much of that and here by O-M-U we respect each other

No cheating

If you can’t handle losing, then this community and tournament/league is not suited for you

Besides headshots, healthy sportsmanship is definitely what we aim for

All this can result in a ban from the league/tournament

Just try to be decent

You are allowed to have fun though ;)


O-M-U is a community for all

Young and old, people who came out of their jobs seeking for some relaxation, chillin forgot about their day. Others just came home from school or finished homework and want to let out some of the steam. Just chilling here ladies and gentleman, too much garbage around us anywayz so, chilllllll


by this being said, I’m looking forward to meet you at The league of the underdogs!!!


Orang Malu

How to join

League of the underdogs


Thx for sending!



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O-M-U Slayer


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